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Egyptian Temple No. 5
Menelik Temple No. 36
Thutmose Temple No. 74
Muharram Temple No. 95
Sheik Temple No. 98
Isis Temple No. 102
Saphar Temple No. 117
Alcazar Temple No. 179
Alooma Temple No. 212

Egyptian Temple #5
Meeting Date & Time: 1st Saturday @ 7:00 P.M.
Meeting Location: 5324 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90043
Mailing Address: 5324 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90043

Chartered as Cairo Temple No. 8, on October 11, 1893.
Renamed Egyptian Temple No. 5, on June 20, 1990.

Egyptian Temple No. 5 adopted in Solemn Convention December 12, 1900, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Re-chartered Egyptian Temple No. 5, August 22, 1917 A.D.

Illustrious Potentate – James A. Shaffer
Chief Rabban – Wilbur L. Nidever
Assistant Rabban – John N. Coleman

Imperial Potentate being J. M. Morris, Oasis of Minneapolis, Desert of Minnesota
Imperial Recorder, L. Williams

Charter duplicated Egyptian Temple No. 5, August 22, 1920 A.D.

Illustrious Potentate – I. H. Layten
Chief Rabban – B. F. Warner
Assistant Rabban – D. H. Adams

Imperial Potentate being Caesar R. Blake, Deputy Imperial Potentate, Richard Moore, Imperial Chief Rabban, S. H. Franklin, Imperial Assistant Rabban, John H. Murhpy Jr., Imperial Recorder, L. Williams

This Temple has produced two Past Imperial Potentates, Roscoe C. Washington (1965 – 1967) and Roy M. Moore (1990-1992)


Menelik Temple #36
Meeting Date & Time: 2nd Saturday @ 5:00 P.M.
Meeting Location: 925 30th Street, Oakland, CA 94608
Mailing Address: 925 30th Street, Oakland, CA 94608

Menelik 11, Emperor of Abyssinia and King of Shoa, the land where he was born. He traces his descent from Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Italian aggression on the Red Sea coast in 1885 menaced Abyssinia’s independence, an din 1880 the Italians aimed to establish a protectorate over Abyssinia. This was vigorously opposed by Menelik, who prepared for the inevitable. The Italians under General Baratierri, invaded Menelik’s kingdom. He met and severely defeated the Italians at Adow on March 1, 1896. King Menelik then ordered the Italian army out of the country, bag, baggage, arms and ammunition. No other modern army was so contemptuous treated by a victor.

Ras Taffari Makonner, grand nephew of Menelik was crowned King and Emperor in 1928. The name Menelik was selected because of the great victory over the Italian army in 1896.

Menelik Temple was organized in Oakland, California during the expansion period from 1901 to 1911, along with 18 other Temples throughout the United States. Menelik was Chartered, October 20, 1906. Henry P. Crabb was the 1st Illustrious Potentate.

Menelik Temple drew its members from a 300 mile radius. Because of the traveling distance to and from meetings, several Shrine Clubs were organized in Sacramento, San Francisco, Fairfield, Fresno, Monterey, San Jose, Seaside. Many of these Shrine Clubs became temples and are known today as Thutmose #74, Alcazar #179, Alooma #212 and Saphar #117.

Menelik Temple #36 has had two Deputy’s of the Desert:
Walter C. Taylor (1960)
Frank Butler (1978 – 1990)


Thutmose Temple #74
Meeting Date & Time:
2nd. Saturday @ 1:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: 111 Raymond Ave., San Francisco, CA 94134
Mailing Address: 111 Raymond Ave., San Francisco, CA 94134

In January of 1959, Past Potentate Emmett L. Draper and several Nobles of Menelik Temple No. 36 who lived and worked in San Francisco, thought it would be a good idea to have a Shrine Temple in this City.

In August 1959, in response to an inquiry from the Nobles of San Francisco, Noble Emmett L. Draper was contacted by the Imperial Potentate, Booker T. Alexander, concerning the forming of a Temple in San Francisco.

Several meetings were held with the several Nobles who lived in San Francisco of which the paper work to form a U.D. Temple was initiated. As a result of all these efforts, the Imperial Potentate granted a Dispensation to the Nobles of San Francisco to form a U.D. Temple in the Oasis of San Francisco, Desert of California.

On November 28, 1959, the first meeting of Thutmose Temple No. 74 U.D. was held in the California Hall, 625 Polk Street, San Francisco, with Past Potentate Emmett L. Draper, presiding. They were also Honored with the presence of Imperial Potentate Booker T. Alexander, Imperial Deputy of the Desert Walter C. Taylor and Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Oakland, Burney Williams.

On August 18, 1960 in Boston, Massachusetts, Thutmose Temple No. 74 under the Dispensation of having given satisfactory evidence of fitness and stability to the Imperial Potentate, the Imperial Council’s Committee on Charters and Dispensations concurred with the Recommendations of the Imperial Potentate Booker T. Alexander that they be granted a Charter, which was so granted August 19, 1960.

Illustrious Potentate – Ferninand Coyle Joseph
Chief Rabban – James Charley White Sr.
Assistant Rabban – John H. Wiley
Recorder – Norman I. Roberts

As a result of the initiative and enthusiasm of Thutmose Temple No. 74, an invitation was extended to the Imperial Council in session in Boston, Massachusetts in 1960, to hold its 1965 Imperial Session in the Oasis of San Francisco, Desert of California. The invitation was warmly received and acted upon, and found to be very acceptable; of which Thutmose Temple No. 74 was granted the Imperial Session for 1965. This was a great accomplishment for a Temple which had only been in existence for less than a year.


Muharram Temple #95
Meeting Date & Time: 2nd Saturday @ 3:00 P.M.
Meeting Location: 1720 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 470084, Los Angeles, CA 90047

On June 18, 1960 Egyptian Temple No. 5 of Los Angeles Created Forty-Three Novices for the purpose of forming a Temple in Santa Monica, California. The Shrine Club having already been organized by Noble John L. Thompson, who invited Noble Robert W. Brown and Noble Rutherford N. Sanford to assist under the expert guidance of Noble Vernon Strange, Imperial Organizer. The Shrine Temple made such rapid progress to become a Temple, that a letter of Dispensation was granted by Noble Booker T. Alexander, Imperial Potentate, to operate.

The first name selected was Al Koran, it was latter found to be assigned to another Temple. Their founder and organizer, Noble John L. Thompson, selected Muharram Temple. On October 14, 1961, Muharram Temple No. 95 was presented its Charter by Noble Walter C. Taylor, Imperial Deputy of the Desert of California.

Illustrious Potentate – John L. Thompson
Chief Rabban – Robert W. Brown
Assistant – Rutherford N. Sanford
Recorder – William B. Lazenby


Sheik Temple #98
Meeting Date & Time: 4th Saturday @ 10:00 A.M.
Meeting Location: 2931 12th Street, Riverside, CA 92507
Mailing Address: 1734 Illinois Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507

Sheik Temple is an offspring of Egyptian Temple No. 5, Los Angeles, California, Noble E. A. Ferguson was the driving force in getting a Temple in Riverside, California.

In October 1960, the Shrine Club was granted a Dispensation to establish a U.D. Temple. Imperial Potentate, Noble Booker T. Alexander, named the Temple Sheik.

In October 1960, Sheik Temple No. 98 held its first election.

Illustrious Potentate – E. A. Ferguson
Chief Rabban – John W. Lee
Assistant Rabban – Edmund Bereal
Recorder – James Jordan

June 1961, Sheik Temple held its first Creation in which twenty-seven Novices were created. In attendance were the Imperial Potentate, Booker T. Alexander, Imperial Assistant Rabban, Roscoe C. Washington and Noble Vernon Strange, Imperial Organizer for the Desert.

In August of 1961, the Illustrious Potentate, E. A. Ferguson traveled to the Imperial Council in Cincinnati, Ohio where the Imperial Potentate granted a Charter to Sheik Temple No. 98 and authorized Constitution Dedication.

In September 1961, the Imperial Assistant Rabban, Roscoe C. Washington Constituted and Dedicated Sheik Temple No. 98. Imperial Potentate Roscoe C. Washington visited the Oasis of Riverside and donated several Thousand Dollars to Loma Linda Hospital on behalf of Sheik Temple No. 98. Imperial Potentate Earl Gray visited the Oasis of Riverside in January 1988. Noble E. A. Ferguson was the First Potentate and Deputy of the Oasis at the same time.


Isis Temple #102
Meeting Date & Time: 3rd Saturday @ 7:30 P.M.
Meeting Location: 3007 Logan Avenue, San Diego, CA 92113
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 740968, San Diego, CA 92174-0968

Isis Temple No. 102 was initially Chartered on August 4, 1921 at a time when the A.E.A.O.N.M.S. was steeped in the throes of litigation’s, fighting for its very existence through the Courts of this land. The Chartering on August 4, 1921 was under the leadership of Imperial Potentate, Ceasar R. Blake, who aptly lead the Nobility to victory in having the U.S. Supreme Court to sustain our rights to be Shriners.

Illustrious Potentate – W. E. Cleveland
Chief Rabban – Clarence King
Assistant Rabban – E. F. Tunnel

Isis Temple No. 102 operated as Constituent Temple in good standing under Imperial Council of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for over twenty years until 1942. Then came the War! In August 1942, Isis Temple was suspended for non-payment of Per Capita Tax. This however, was not a situation unique to Isis Temple alone. With the United State deeply involved in World War II, many of the Nobles were called to Arms. This certainly affected the Nobility across the Imperial domain and many of the Temples across the Imperial Domain were defunct or inactive as a direct result of World War II and the absence of their Nobles.

Approximately one year after the close of World War II, on July 6, 1946, Isis Temple No. 102 was reinstated as a Constituent Temple in good standing under the A.E.A.O.N.M.S. of North and South America and Jurisdiction, Inc. Reinstatement was effected under the reign of the Imperial Potentate Raymond E. Jackson.

Isis Temple, hosted its first Gala Day Celebration for the Desert of California during the period of July 13-14, 1951.

In September 1990, Dr. Robert J. Gerard, who was serving as Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of San Diego, was appointed to the office of Imperial Deputy of the Desert of California. He was the first Imperial Deputy of the Desert of California. He was the first Imperial Deputy of the Desert ensuing from Temple No. 102. As Deputy of the Desert, his innovative thinking and dynamic leadership approach had far reaching effects throughout the Desert of California. On November 7, 1993, the Grandest Potentate saw fit to call his stalwart Noble Laborer to rest, in that peaceful realm, and bid him Greetings.

In 1994, Isis Temple No. 102’s Annual Talent and Scholarship Pageant was officially named by the Nobility of the Temple as the Dr. Robert J. Gerard Talent and Scholarship Pageant.”


Saphar Temple #117
Meeting Date & Time: 3rd Saturday @ 2:00 P.M.
Meeting Location: 65 Fresno Street, Fresno, CA 93706
Mailing Address: 1621 W. Roseburg Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350

Like many of the Temples in Northern California, Saphar Temple No. 117, Fresno originally began as a Shrine Club. Its’ location in the middle of the State caused a four hour drive for the Nobles to Oakland’s Temple, Menelik No. 36. We asked permission of the Temple to form a Shrine Club, and in March of 1964 the Fresno Shrine club was formed.

The membership consisted of Nobles that lived in Fresno and belonged to Menelik Temple No. 36 in Oakland, California. The Shrine Club was in operation until June 26, 1964. A Dispensation was granted to establish the U.D. Temple in the San Joaquin Valley.

The Ceremony was graced with the presence of the Imperial Potentate, Thomas Poag, Deputy Imperial Potentate, Roscoe Washington, Imperial Recorder, Booker T. Alexander and the Imperial Organizer, Noble Vernon Strange.

The territory of the Temple was from Bakersfield in the South and Modesto in the North. During the Imperial Council Session held in San Francisco, Saphar Temple No. 117 was Chartered on August 20, 1965.

Illustrious Potentate – Joseph H. Dixon Jr.
Chief Rabban – Cecil Hinton
Recorder – Larry Cruz

Also during the Imperial Session, Saphar Temple No. 117 received an award for the largest increase in membership for Temple’s under 200 members. On April 2-3, 1996, Saphar Temple No. 117 hosted Desert Conference at the Hacienda Motel, Clinton & Highway 99, Fresno, California.


Alcazar Temple #179
Meeting Date & Time: 4th Friday @ 7:00 P.M.
Meeting Location: 3741 Altos Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95838
Mailing Address: 6580 Craighurst Drive, North Highlands, CA 95660

In August 1971, the Imperial Council met in Houston, Texas at which time the Imperial Director of Region No. 1, Robert W. Brown and Imperial Deputy of the Desert for the State of California, W. Robinson were granted permission to start a Temple in the Oasis of Sacramento California.

Alcazar Temple No. 179 was Instituted November 6, 1971 and received its’ Dispensation to form a new Temple from Imperial Potentate, William H. Howe. The Temple location was established at 2440 Green Street, Sacramento, California.

Illustrious Potentate – James M. Dorsey
Chief Rabban – Douglas D. Parson
Assistant Rabban – Kenneth I. Lewis
Recorder – Charles Gains

Alcazar Temple was under the guidance of Imperial Deputy of the Oasis, Menlik Temple No. 36 of Oakland, California and Noble Boyce Parker.

Alcazar Temple No. 179 was Chartered on August 21, 1972. Alcazar in the Arabic language means Castle. The Castles of the Arab Nations are called Alcazars. The most famous of these Alcazars is the Alhambra of Spain.


Alooma Temple #212
Meeting Date & Time: 2nd Friday @ 7:00 P.M.
Meeting Location: 625 Main Street, Suisun City, CA 94585
Mailing Address: 209 Midvale Drive, Vacaville, CA 95687

Alooma Temple No. 212 originally began in 1978 as a Shrine Club organized under Alcazar Temple No. 179. The original name was Alcazar Shrine Club. From 1978 until 1981, the membership of the Shrine Club was composed primarily of members of Alcazar Temple No. 179 who lived in the Tri-City area of Fairfield, Vacaville and Suisun City.

The newly elected President, Noble George H. Garlington Jr., immediately announced that “As of this Date (January 1981), the new goal of the Shrine Club will be to become a U.D. Temple and then a Charted Temple as soon as possible.”

The Imperial Potentate said the Shrine Club would have to provide an acceptable name for the new Temple. He was advised the Shrine Club has voted to recommend the Temple be named “Alooma.” The origin and history of “Alooma was read to the Imperial Potentate, who immediately approved the name.

Credit is given to Noble Frederick B. Young Jr., for researching and presenting the name Alooma to the Shrine Club. May 1981, 27 Novices were created at Gala Day. In June of 1981, the Shrine Club officially became Alooma Temple No. 212 U.D. The dream of Shrinedom in the Tri-City area finally became a reality. On August 16, 1982 at the 89th Annual Imperial Council Session in Denver, Colorado.

Illustrious Potentate – George H. Garlington Jr.
Chief Rabban – Frederick B. Young Jr.
Assistant Rabban – James E. Morrisette
Recorder – Joseph E. Savoy


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